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Although it is not always understood, competition is something very different from any kind of fight: racing certainly implies to beat other contestants, but this is not the main goal. The main goal of true and real competition is seeking to do the best possible. This can only be done using as reference other participants, which cannot then be called rivals as they jointly pursue to make the best possible, while using each other as reference. The word competition derives from latin words ‘cum petere’, that is searching together for the best, performing in the best possible way, aiming at best, ‘ad altiora’, to the highest. Therefore, true competition is not doing the best possible ‘against’ others but ‘together’.

Mario Felice Tecce

I have just finished reading ‘Driving to the Future’, by Mario Felice Tecce. Mario is Professor of biochemistry at the University of Salerno, Italy – and a life-long motorsport enthusiast.

In this self-published book, Mario weaves together his racing experiences, life-lessons, science and theology. The goal – to consider what ‘a good life’ is and could be. What we can learn from those we admire, and the challenges they faced.

It’s a charming, readable book. I loved the concept – quotes from Thomas Aquinas, Bruce McLaren, St Peter and the script of ‘Grand Prix’ given equal weight – and found much to think about.

Sir Jackie presenting Lady Helen with a rose is a prelude to thoughts of the metaphysical. A lap of Monza illustrates the virtues of prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance. The ATP synthase protein and racing engines meet to discuss intelligent design… and I did chuckle at the historical, medical definition of a Tifoso.

Over-arching the whole piece are the memory and thoughts of Ayrton & Gilles – and I admit that I was unprepared for the rather moving concluding chapter.

I am delighted & appreciative that Mario sent me a copy of this book – I enjoyed the time I spent with it. I was thinking how I could sum it up. I feels rather like I have spent a long lunch with Mario, and over a couple of bottles we have ‘put the world to rights’.

Bravo, Professore! More, please!

You can purchase ‘Driving to the Future’ at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Driving-Future-Living-following-Formula/dp/B08B37VRNC

Mario can be found on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/mftunisa

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