Month: January 2022

Racing Daydreams - Niki Lauda 1982
Grands Prix

Video: ‘The Niki Lauda Story’

“Everyone knew Niki Lauda, even my parents, and he was a gateway. A charismatic, clear-thinking, plain-speaking hero whose backstory meant I was immediately hooked. Hooked by motorsport and history.“ I’m always surprised & delighted by the videos that the ‘Race Day Replay’ channel discovers, and makes available. This is one such video – close to […]

Racing Daydreams
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‘Driving to the Future’ – Mario Felice Tecce

Although it is not always understood, competition is something very different from any kind of fight: racing certainly implies to beat other contestants, but this is not the main goal. The main goal of true and real competition is seeking to do the best possible. This can only be done using as reference other participants, […]

Racing Daydreams - Gerhard Berger, Hockenheim 1997
Grands Prix

Gerhard – Brave, Heart

Do you know Gary Critcher? Interesting, friendly, talented chap. Perhaps you know his Lotus 72 documentary, or his excellent ‘Shutter & Speed’ photo books? Gary lives in Kenya these days, and is doing a splendid job of dressing-up his new garage and office with memorabilia that he has gathered over his years in & around […]

Racing Daydreams - 1933 Monaco poster by Georges Hamel
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Monaco 1933 – Icons and the Silver Screen

How fortunate we are to have YouTube. Luckier still to have enthusiasts uploading footage, new & old, for our entertainment… and education. In that spirit, enjoy this Movietone newsreel of the 1933 Monaco Grand Prix – presented by the excellent ‘Raceday Replay’ channel. Fantastic, isn’t it? The lack of commentary letting us really hear the […]