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The Road to Ballyshannon – Gordon Bennett

It’s not so much raining as there’s more humidity than the sky can bear. It pattered down most of the night. Now it hangs in the air – spritzes as you walk. I quietly leave the rooms, grab a cap from the car, and walk to the town square. Past the memorial plaque, and the […]

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Chasing the Ghosts – Gordon Bennett

I’ve always considered ‘Racing Daydreams’ to be an attitude. The willingness to look beyond presented information, armed with some knowledge and an empathy for times & people past. How better to explore and take joy from our sport? Similarly approached, locations too can rattle the senses. Standing in silence at the top of Dundrod. Inhale […]

Racing Daydreams - Imola 1982
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40 Years of Daydreams

This Sunday, Ferrari will line-up a pair of turbocharged, ground-effect Grand Prix cars on the Imola grid for their two, young hot-shoes. And I will smile, perhaps raise a glass. Think about what motorsport has given me, and those no longer with us. The day after the 2022 Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix, Monday 25 April, will […]

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Sascha and The Ace of Clubs

Small cars hold an attraction – I would imagine since les Frères Renault first took-on the Edwardian giants – and the idea of a smaller car as a generally more efficient machine has held sway. An efficient use of resources, or merely a more stressed & stressful way of covering the same distance? I suppose […]

Racing Daydreams - Caracciola, 1930 Irish Grand Prix
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Caracciola’s Over-Blown 1930

H.M.S. Catherwood’s central works, Donegall Road, Belfast. Friday, 22 August 1930 The driver retrieved a half-Woodbine from his top pocket. “You still here, cub?” “Aye… til the death. Told me to stand here til I got somethin’.” “Wha? Like pleurisy?.. don’t think that would make the morning paper.” The Bo Peep flared on first strike. […]

Racing Daydreams - 1933 Monaco poster by Georges Hamel
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Monaco 1933 – Icons and the Silver Screen

How fortunate we are to have YouTube. Luckier still to have enthusiasts uploading footage, new & old, for our entertainment… and education. In that spirit, enjoy this Movietone newsreel of the 1933 Monaco Grand Prix – presented by the excellent ‘Raceday Replay’ channel. Fantastic, isn’t it? The lack of commentary letting us really hear the […]

Racing Daydreams - Jesse Alexander
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Jesse Alexander, 1929-2021

“…at the Pau Grand Prix in 1955, when an American photographer murmured to me, ‘Is that your Porsche? I’ve got one.’ This was Jesse Alexander, a quiet, gentle, man who was photographing and reporting on European races for various American magazines and living in Switzerland with his wife and four daughters. He had travelled to […]

‘The One Where Ross Puts Me In Charge’ – a Grand Vision - Racing Daydreams by Colin Johnston
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‘The One Where Ross Puts Me In Charge’ – a Grand Vision

Today we had Sprint Qualifying for the first time in Formula One. It’s been coming for quite some time and while, since it was announced, I’ve considered it unnecessary, I didn’t give it too much thought. That is until this weekend. Particularly after it was done & dusted, and those with the requisite paddock passes […]

“Read All About it!” – The Morning ‘Paper That Saved British Road-Racing - Racing Daydreams by Colin Johnston
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“Read All About it!” – The Morning ‘Paper That Saved British Road-Racing

It’s easy to think that ‘disruptors’ are a modern phenomenon. People who refuse to accept that their idea can’t & won’t revolutionise their field of expertise… or their part of the world. But what are Wallace McLeod & Harry Ferguson if not ‘disruptors’? Men of vision and, more importantly, action! You will likely have heard […]

Prose: The Priest’s Bed - Racing Daydreams by Colin Johnston
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Prose: The Priest’s Bed

This is some prose, a note I made today… And the boy said, “Speak to me of Achille.”. The old man shifted in the bed. Something had nipped him. “What does it matter? It’s over.”. The exclamation stealing his breath, he continued at a whisper. “It is finished. Soon we’ll be dust. Like Campari, like […]