Month: December 2021

Racing Daydreams - Jesse Alexander
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Jesse Alexander, 1929-2021

“…at the Pau Grand Prix in 1955, when an American photographer murmured to me, ‘Is that your Porsche? I’ve got one.’ This was Jesse Alexander, a quiet, gentle, man who was photographing and reporting on European races for various American magazines and living in Switzerland with his wife and four daughters. He had travelled to […]

Racing Daydreams - Toto Wolff press conference
Grands Prix

Matter of the Moment, December 2021

What a week for our sport. What does the future hold for Formula One? The title of this piece is no coincidence. It is a hat-tip to classic ‘Motor Sport’ magazine, for I have spent much time wondering what Jenks would have made of it all… of this mess. Anyone with an interest will have […]