Wolfgang Graf Berghe von Trips

Wolfgang Graf Berghe von Trips - Racing Daydreams by Colin Johnston

Friday 10th September 2021, Formula One will be back at Monza. Running laps, calculating, analysing. The Tifosi, returned to ‘the temple of speed’ in it’s 99th year, ramping up the atmosphere – the pressure – the utter joy of life & motor racing.

Will anyone remember? Have the humility and dignity to mark the remembrance? For 10th September is the 60th anniversary of the day we killed 15 spectators at Monza. The day when the would-be champion went from pole position, to face down in the dirt.

I wrote many words about von Trips, to publish today. But sitting down to edit them, I realised that they should hide in the ‘drafts’ folder for a while. Wolfgang von Trips & The Fifteen deserve better. Instead, may I offer this tribute from the man who has done more than most to celebrate “Taffy” von Trips – to evoke how Grand Prix motor racing makes you feel… Chris Rea.

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