Michèle Mouton, Dragon Slayer – Belfast 1985

Michèle Mouton, Dragon Slayer – Belfast 1985 - Racing Daydreams by Colin Johnston

Here’s Michèle Mouton with her fire-breathing Audi quattro in Belfast, 1985.

That’s it… that’s the blog.

More?.. Oh, OK…

The 1985 British Midland Ulster Rally – round 4 of the Irish Tarmac Rally Championship and round 5 of the Shell Oils British Open Rally Championship – was a two day blast around Northern Ireland. As usual for these times, the race was dominated by Opel Manta 400s – five out of the top seven finishers, including winners Russell Brookes & Mike Broad.

So, what of Michèle and her Ingolstadt Monster?

Irish rally fans knew that you had to get up early to see the quattros – before the Irish tarmac broke them – and so it quickly proved for the number 1 ‘Audi Sport UK’ Audi quattro Sport E2. Turbo on this occasion, rather than gearbox or differential. But not before this 13-year-old got to see Michèle & Fabrizia Pons growl, pop & bang their way down Great Victoria Street. Fever! as a great man would’ve said.

Here be dragons!

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